"Domklik" named the regions with the cheapest and most expensive houses and lots


The lowest price per square meter of a suburban house was recorded in the Smolensk region - ₽26 thousand rubles.

The minimum price for countryside housing in September was recorded in the Smolensk region. Here a square meter of such real estate will cost ₽26 thousand. This is three times lower than the national average. Such data are contained in the study "Domklik", provided by the press service of Sberbank.
Analysts for each region calculated the average value of the cost of a "square" of suburban real estate - houses and plots. They took into account the current for September 2023 ads on the showcase "Domklik".
According to the study, the second place was shared by two regions - Pskov and Novgorod regions, where the price per square meter of countryside real estate was ₽29.9 thousand. The third place went to Volgograd region: in this region the average price of 1 square meter of countryside is estimated at ₽32.9 thousand. 
The five regions with the lowest prices for suburban housing are Kurgan and Orel regions, where the cost of a square meter of houses and plots is ₽33.3 thousand and ₽34 thousand respectively. They are followed by the Kemerovo Region (₽34.7 thousand), Kirov Region (₽35.7 thousand), Arkhangelsk Region (₽36.2 thousand), and the Komi Republic (₽36.9 thousand).
The highest prices for out-of-town real estate were expectedly in the capital regions. And the leader here, according to Domklik, was not Moscow, but St. Petersburg. Here 1 sq. m. of country real estate is estimated at ₽312.5 thousand. The second place is taken by the Leningrad region with the price of "square" of ₽270 thousand. The third place was taken by Moscow, where the cost of 1 sq. m. of country houses and plots amounted to ₽171.8 thousand. Some of the highest prices for country real estate were also recorded in Sevastopol: ₽148.4 thousand per "square".
According to analysts, the average cost of 1 sq. m. in the market of ready-made countryside real estate in Russia as a whole amounted to 79.2 thousand rubles.
The top 10 regions with the lowest prices for suburban real estate (price of 1 sq. m., thousand rubles):
  1. Smolensk region 26,0
  2. Pskov Oblast 29.9
  3. Novgorod Oblast 29.9
  4. Volgograd Oblast 32.9
  5. Kurgan Oblast 33.3
  6. Orel Oblast 34.0
  7. Kemerovo Oblast 34.7
  8. Kirov Oblast 35.7
  9. Arkhangelsk Oblast 36.2
  10. Komi Republic 36.9
Data: "Domklik
Recently, experts have identified the regions with the lowest prices for urban housing. According to "Domklik", the minimum cost of housing in September 2023 among Russian regions was recorded in Ingushetia. The average price of a "square meter" in new buildings in the region in September amounted to 53.2 thousand rubles, and in the secondary market - 26 thousand rubles.

Source: RBK
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