Public services will be extended to private homes


The option is scheduled to launch in the first half of 2024. The app will also have a section with chats for apartment owners.

Public services will be extended to private homes
In 2024, the "Gosuservices.Dom" service will be extended to the segment of private homes, said Alexander Gorbachev, a representative of the developer, Deputy Director General for Development and Digital Transformation of the "Information System Operator" company, TASS reported.
The application now works only for apartments in high-rise buildings. According to Gorbachev, private houses will appear in it in the first or second quarter of next year.
In December 2023, a section with chats of apartment owners in buildings will also start working in the application, the company representative specified. He noted that there residents will be able to exchange information, discuss problems and organize a meeting of owners.
The application "Gosuservices.Dom" is created on the basis of the state information system of housing and communal services. You can authorize in the application through a confirmed account on the portal of public services. Data on real estate are automatically uploaded. The application allows you to contact the management company, hold meetings of tenants, receive an automatic reminder of the need to transfer meter readings in due time and pay utility bills.
The "Gosuslugi" recently launched a service for finding a cadastral engineer. With its help it is possible to order the service remotely, select a specialist and sign a contract with him.

Source: RBK
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